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    This sharpening system requires 3 belts, much like the triple oil stones many people use. The first one developes a burr on the knife-edge. The second one works the burr finer and the third one removes the burr.

    First, you must clamp the knife in the knife vise. The knife vise should be clamped to a flat spot on the blade. It is best to place it in the middle of the blade, but sometimes the only flat spot is near the handle. The other placement you have to be concerned with is the distance from the tapered end of the knife vise to the knife edge. You should be oil expeller about oil expeller 1/2″ away from the knife edge. This is not possible on small knives or large knives with a wide blade. On large, wide blades, slide the back of the knife as far into the vise as possible. On small knives with narrow blades(1/2″ or less),clamp as close to the edge as possible, but make sure your vise is not touching the belt. On very small knives you may have to resort to freehand sharpening.

    Starting with the 100 grit ceramic belt, place the stem of the vise into the front groove of the wood deck(the groove closest to the belt). Stop sliding the knife vise and swing the blade around to the tip. Turn the knife over and work from right to left. Alternate from one side to the other until you see a burr developing on the edge. Make sure it goes the entire length of the blade.

    Change from ceramic belt to 600 grit silicon-carbide belt. Repeat Step 2. Two passes on each side should be enough.

    Change from silicon-carbide belt to felt belt. Turn machine on and touch the block of rouge to the felt belt, applying an even coat. Place the stem of the vise in the back groove of the wood deck. Repeat previous step until the burr is removed. Your knife is now VERY SHARP!

    * All grinding methods generate heat. If the blade gets hot enough to change colors, you have damaged the blade. A worn belt will require more pressure which creates more heat. The first belt is the belt you will change most often. You will do your heaviest grinding with the first belt. I have found times when I had to use a 60grit ceramic belt to prevent to much heat buildup. Change belts as soon as you notice it requires more pressure.

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