• Arrhythmia And Taurine

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    Take the time to review and refresh on each math concept.

    Learn the vocabulary for the topics and monster beats practice using it regularly. Often times when students do poorly on an exam it is not because they don’t know HOW to do the math concepts it is that they do not know what the question is ASKING them to do. Hence, the importance of vocabulary.

    Use a classroom-size “football field” to explain the movement on a number line of positive and negative integers.

    Try baking a cake and bring into class to work on operations with fractions.

    The National Council for Teachers of Mathematics is an excellent resource to use. Follow the link to Resources and Lessons. monster beats outlet We all learn differently so provide adequate opportunities for students to practice math. Try presenting the information verbally, visually, and kinesthetically (hands-on). Then make sure you give your students the same opportunity to apply the concepts in the same form. No one likes to get a test on test day and wonder where they must have been for the past semester. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the light bulb come on over a students head when they finally “Get it”!

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